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Over 65 Magazine Issue 16

New online magazine

As regular readers will know, we have produced the Over 65 Magazine for over 18 months producing a copy virtually every month in that time.

We receive very positive feedback from our many thousands of readers and the magazine is read all over the world.

We have decided to review the method of production of the magazine. Although the PDF magazine contains lots of information, it is slow to download, especially for those with older less powerful computers. It is also quite costly to produce, and internet links cannot directly link to articles within the magazine.

We will email you, our regular readers to let you know of future developments. Equally, if you have an article or item you would like us to use, do email it over, and we will keep it on file. Do let us know if you have a product or service for the older market you would like us to promote.

Finally, all the previous magazines are still available to read either on line, or you can download and print them off from our archive section. Simply click on the brown bar above to access.

To keep this manageable, each entire monthly magazine is held in a separate PDF file, so you can re-visit items you have read about in the past. It will normally take a few seconds or even minutes to download the file. This will depend how busy the internet is at the time. We do ask that you are patient, and once you have downloaded a magazine there is nothing to stop you saving it on your computer for ease of access.

If you have used a product or service that you have been particularly pleased with, you may wish to let us know and we will see if we can feature the business involved.

Thank you for reading,
Best wishes,
Paul Rodman,
December 2011

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